Sage Pastel Accounting Fixed Assets

Fixed Assets
Pastel Evolution Fixed Assets helps you control your fixed assets easily, affordably and reliably.
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Sage Pastel Accounting Fixed Assets: Main Features

Multiple Asset Types                               
Not only does Evolution Fixed Assets include a list of pre-defined asset types, which range from motor vehicles, computers, office equipment, software, machines, stationery and furniture, but Fixed Assets also allows you to add your own user-defined asset types.

User-defined Fields on the Fixed Assets Maintenance Screen including Drop-down Lists and User-defined Selections                               
Evolution Fixed Assets allows you to create custom fields in a data type of your selection, which can then be added to your asset type.                               
Multiple Depreciation Methods                               
Depreciation can be calculated using the following methods:                                
  • Straight line                               
  • Reducing balance                               
  • Immediate write-off                               
  • Units of usage                               
  • Plant and machinery                               
  • Equal allowance                               
  • Zero percentage                               
Track an Unlimited Number of Fixed Assets by Cost Centres or Departments
Evolution Fixed Assets allows you to create an unlimited number of assets and sub-assets from within one company database that in turn can be allocated against various cost centres and departments for reporting purposes.                               
Capex Budgets and Orders                               
Create capex budgets for assets and track asset orders against these budgets using the "detail", "summary", "cash flow forecasting" and "capex reports" to control your purchases.   
Standard Features                                
Other standard features of the Pastel Pastel Evolution - Fixed Assets are listed below:
  • Multi-user functionality                               
  • Multiple asset types                               
  • Unlimited number of departments and cost centres                               
  • Depreciation calculated on straight line, reducing balance, immediate write-off, units of usage, plant & machinery, zero percentage and equal allowance   
  • Asset valuations                               
  • Depreciation forecasts                               
  • Disposal and acquisition management                               
  • Master assets linked to sub assets                               
  • User-defined fields
  • Reporting features
  • Attach notes to each asset
  • Create your own asset types
  • Transfer or split an asset
  • Keep full track of residual values
  • Print revaluation and insurance reports
  • All reports customisable by the user
  • Includes a report-writer for design & printing of user-defined reports
  • User-defined drop-down boxes, grids & menu
  • Powerful search & data retrieval mechanisms
  • Profit and loss report on disposal of assets
  • Book & tax depreciation calculations
  • Utilises Microsoft's MS- SQL database on the Evolution Framework(TM)
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