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Starting from up to 5 employee to over 1000 employees, Pastel Payroll is the easiest and most popular all inclusive Payroll package sold on the South African market! We are currently offering Pastel Payroll at Special DISCOUNTS of over call us for a quote!!
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Sage Pastel Accounting Pastel Payroll: Features

Number of Companies Unlimited
Number of Employees As per licence
Database Pervasive SQL
Customizable Data Input Screens Yes
Define Date Entry Format Yes
Tip of the Day Yes
Option to Automatically Open the Last Company Worked in Yes
30 User Defined Fields Yes
Ships With All the Transactions You are Likely to Need Already Created for You Yes
Multiple Rates of Normal and Overtime Pay Yes
Comprehensive, On-line and Context Sensitive Help Yes
Internet Link to Pastel Payroll Home Page Yes
Email Queries Related to Support, Sales, Registrations or Training Directly from the Software to Pastel Payroll Yes
Zoom Windows Yes
Import / Export Masterfile Data Yes
Import / Export Transactions for Batch Capturing / Updating Yes
On-screen Drag-and-Drop Forms Design Yes
Zip Backup Yes
Number of Assistants / Wizards 10
Credit Transfers to all Major Banks Yes
System Status Bar Yes
Interface with Time and Attendance Registers Yes
Full Transaction Roll-back and Recovery in the Event of a Power Failure Yes
Multi-user Access As per licence
Various Password Restriction Levels Yes
Output Reports To:
Printer Yes
Screen Yes
Microsoft Word Yes
Microsoft Excel Yes
Word Processor Yes
Comma Delimited File Yes
Tab Delimited File Yes
E-mail Yes
Protected Document Format (PDF) Yes
Number of Notes per Masterfile Record Unlimited
Link notes to External Documents Yes
View / Print to do Lists based on Note Action Date Yes
Access Linked Documents from within Pastel Payroll Yes
Notes on all Screens Yes
Process Weekly Wages Yes
Process Fortnightly Wages Yes
Process Monthly Salaries / Wages Yes
Process Multiple Pay Frequencies in Same Company Yes
Fifth Week / Third Fortnight Payroll Processing Yes
Process Special (additional) Payroll Runs Yes
Allocate Employees and Transactions to Specific Cost Centres or Job Codes Yes
Perform "What If" Payslip Calculation on Screen Yes
Process by Exception - only Enter Pay Information if there are changes Yes
Process Payslips in Batches or for Selected Employees Yes
Affect Global Changes for Employees Linked to Specific Employee Profiles Yes
Affect Global Changes for Payslips Yes
Control Staff Loans with Automatic Deductions and Outstanding Balance Reports Yes
Automatically Calculate Interest on Loans Yes
Record and Accumulate Shifts Worked Yes
Tax Methods:
Periodic Yes
Average (Annualised) Yes
Directive Percentage Yes
Directive Amount Yes
Part-Time Yes
Exempt Yes
Director Yes
Print Detailed Reports per Cost Centre, Job Code or Pay Point Yes
Print Audit Trails of any changes to Employee Masterfile and System Parameters Information Yes
Print Transaction History Reports for any period in the Current Tax Year Yes
Print Coinage Analysis for Customised Currency Denominations Yes
Print Payslips and Statutory Certificates on Plain or Pre-printed Stationery Yes
Print Rate Tables for Reference Yes
Employment Equity Reporting Yes
Electronic Monthly UIF Declaration Yes
Print your Payslips in any Official Language Yes
Re-print Payslips for Previous Periods Yes
E-mailing password-protected Payslips to Individual Employees Yes
Bulk E-mailing of password protected Payslips to Individuals Yes
Define Size and Type of Font for Reports Yes
E-mail Reports and Documents Yes
Electronic IRP5 Submission to SARS Yes
Electronic Monthly Return Submission to MIBFA Yes
Print EMP201 report for current or previous months Yes
Business Intelligence Centre Yes
Automatic Accrual of Leave Days due Yes
Annual Leave Accrual on annual, daily or hourly entitlement Yes
Detailed Leave Records for Annual, Sick and other Leave Types Yes
Calculate number of Leave Days by automatically excluding non-working days in Leave Period Yes
Automatic Leave Payout Calculations on Termination of Employees Yes
Automatic Calculation of BCEA Leave Rates per Employee Yes
Leave Types:
Annual Leave Yes
Sick Leave Yes
Unpaid Leave Yes
Other Leave (User-defined) Yes
General Ledger Code Setup Assistant Yes
Generate Payroll and Cashbook Journals for Seamless Integration Yes
Integrate by Expense and / or Cost Centre Yes
Integrates to all Pastel Accounting packages, as well as most other Accounting Packages Yes
Create Formulae Based on:
Employee Masterfile Information Yes
User Defined Fields Information Yes
Calendar Information Yes
Transaction Values Yes
Rate Tables Yes
Lookup Tables Yes
Calculation Total Values Yes
Tax Total Values Yes
Company Parameters Information Yes
Pay Frequency Information Yes
Formulae can be Based on Conditional Criteria Yes
Link Multiple Transactions to a Formula Yes
Perform a Test Run on Screen to Evaluate Results Yes
Automatically Calculate or Capitalise Interest on Staff Loans Yes
Create an Unlimited Amount of Lookup Tables used for Commission, Medical Aid, Unions etc. Yes
Changes to Lookup Tables automatically updating the Employee Payslips Yes
Basic Conditions of Employment (BCEA) Act Yes
Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) Act Yes
Income Tax Act Yes
Skills Development Act Yes
Employment Equity Act Yes
MIBFA - Metal Industries Benefit Fund Administrators Yes
MIBCO - Motor Industry Bargaining Council Yes
Electrical Industry Yes
Road Freight Industry Yes
Security Industry Yes
Angola Yes
Bahrain Yes
Botswana Yes
Iceland Yes
Jamaica Yes
Ghana Yes
Kenya Yes
Lesotho Yes
Malawi Yes
Malta Yes
Mauritius Yes
Mozambique Yes
Namibia Yes
Nigeria Yes
Rwanda Yes
South Africa Yes
Swaziland Yes
Tanzania Yes
United Arab Emirates Yes
Uganda Yes
Zambia Yes
Zimbabwe Yes
Industrial Councils Yes
BI Payroll: Excel Reporting Yes
Batch E-mailing Yes
Global Updates Yes
Third Party Payments Yes
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