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What was new in Pastel V10 - 2009

SmartBank Bank Manager - NEW - Works for ANY versions Pastel Xpress and Partner)

Our new “SmartBank” is a new bank statement management and editing tool that will save you up to 80% and more of your bookkeeping Time and Costs and is:

-          Multi accounting package (Pastel, Palladium and more coming soon)

-          Easy to use, with logical step by step assistants screens, by just:

  •  Importing the bank statement into SmartBank
  • Editing the transactions using Auto Allocation and more
  • Exporting into your accounting package

SmartBank works beautifully with any Pastel Xpress and Partner!


Using SmartBank also comes with BIG saving advantages including:

-          NO Cover contract and UPGRADING requiredSave stacks!

-          Works with ANY version of Pastel (2004-V7 to 2012-V12)

-          Reads ALL the Pastel Ledger, Customer and Suppliers account

For more information on the Pastel Bank Manager, please go to

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